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Poultry Farming - Kenya

We offer our complete solutions to companies looking to outsource, produce goods, develop new markets and invest in French speaking African countries.

    Our approach focuses on
  • Full understanding of local markets
  • Reliable connections with key stakeholders
  • Reputable business skills

Our services

Investors services: to provide investors with fast efficient and business-friendly services and assistance through the various stages of business start-up, maturity, growth and expansion.
Commercial services: Sales/Representation Services- We represent the client’s interests when buying, selling, leasing and marketing a deal.
Top quality administrative services: Interpretation representation/translation-delivery of bid documents-meeting space-space assistance with seminars- facilities and space-courier services.
PR & networking: Link with the local business community- Political & administrative authorities.
Team Construction: Key executives & exclusive talents search.

The focus of  VIZ A VIZ will be to generate opportunities and various platforms for professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to receive exposure and insight of the exciting business opportunities within Africa.

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