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Agro Business

The agro industry in Ivory Coast and Kenya is a prime example of the natural resources the two countries have solid reputations for. Farming and cultivation methods have been adopted across different regions of the countries that contribute immensely to their economic development and the everyday sustainability of their citizens to include facilitation of job opportunities.

The natural rubber plantation in Ivory Coast, the continent’s top producer, reached 200,000n tonnes in 2008, up from 188,500 in 2007 and the country occupies the first rank globally for cocoa production.

In the last five years, the value of Kenya tea exports has grown from US$ 438.9 million (Kshs 34.5 billion) in 2001 to US$ 584.5 million (Kshs 42.3 billion) in 2005 Central Bureau of Statistics.

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